Tigris - a psychedelic afro-pop band, inspired by tribal rhythms, Tropical melodies, and sounds from outer space.
In the last few years, Tigris emerged as a force to be reckon with in the Israeli Indie scene. Formed in 2013, the band started as an ethio-jazz group, but quickly developed it’s own unique sound, influenced also by 70’s synth music, afrobeat, surf rock, and melodic pop, and more. The band plays mostly original instrumental compositions, alongside covers of East-African songs, while always remaining true to Tigris’ own style. The band consists of two percussionists, each of them is playing a different and peculiar set of drums and percussions from Africa and South America, creating together a groove that is both tribal and electronic influenced. The distinctive sound of the keyboard comes from the Orla, an Italian organ from the 70’s, and a Yamaha CS01 mini-synth. The Bass and Guitar sections always contribute sweet and melodic lines. Combined with vocal effects and shouts, Tigris creates music that can’t be labelled - it is always driven by playful and addictive melodies, mixed with distinctive groove and sound.

Roy Harmon – Keyboards
Ilan Smilan – Guitar
Amir Sadot – Bass
Oded Aloni – Cajon and Percussion
Itamar Katzir – African Drums and Percussion